Chasm Clothing started in 2013 on a drawing board in Wallingford in Seattle, Washington.  Designs were drawn by hand with sharpie and marker onto paper, using no straight-edges to help create the triangles and squares.  Over time, these “posters” received enough demand that the designs were redrawn using Illustrator, and printed onto apparel.


All designs are still originally drawn by hand, and printed onto American Apparel.


“Chasm” means “the space in between;” it represents the clothing designs but is also the backbone of the company’s mantra.  The beauty of life, like the beauty of the shirts, can be found in the spaces in-between.  Whether it be your favorite band coming to town, making it to happy hour to get your favorite tacos, those little moments are what keep life beautiful.  Chasm is dedicated to bringing out the beauty in that “in-between,” and giving you some great clothes to wear too!


Thank you for your support, and enjoy!

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